Water Softening Hose Pump

Peristaltic pump replacement improves Swiss airport’s water treatment system

Verderflex, a manufacturer of peristaltic hose and tube pumps, recently provided a cost-effective solution to a Swiss airport that had been experiencing significant problems with its water softening treatment. The local water supply required treatment to prevent scaling in the pipework.

The Challenge

The existing treatment system required a salt solution to be dosed from a storage tank close to the pumps over a 350-m pipe-run to the water supply. The piping system had a series of valves ...

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Custom Packaged Water Treatment System

Self-contained Custom Packaged Water Treatment System

KGO Group Ltd., provides a unique self-contained Custom Packaged Water Treatment System for SNF Canada.

This 53’ vessel was built for a remote Mining location in Northern Quebec; it is being used to treat a waste pond, feeding dry polymer and a basic coagulant for a flow rate of 20,000 l/m (5000 gpm). KGO Group was contracted by SNF Canada to design and build the complete structure.

The unit was built to withstand extreme weather conditions, we insulated for – 40 ...

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