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Chemical Feed, Pump, Tank, & Mixer Systems

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Wangen Type KL-S
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KGO Group builds standard and custom-designed chemical feed, pump, tank, and mixer systems for some of the largest global chemical suppliers, OEMs, and industries, including mining, pulp and paper, wastewater and Bio-Feed applications. We bring more than 100 + years of industry experience to provide exceptional value for our customers. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and technicians work to ensure the equipment we supply not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

- Who we are?
- Who you are?
- Establish needs

- Research process needs & limitations
- Work in partnership with our customers to create a solution

- Detailed Proposal
- Supporting Documents

- Proposal Acceptance
- Order Confirmation

- Engineering/Design
- Quality Control
- I&O Manual
- Order Completed

- Startup/Commissioning
- Technical Training
- Close out & Proof of Completion Documentation
- Continuing Technical Support
- Customer Reference