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If You Are Looking For:

Unparalleled Polymer Wetting

Decades of trouble-free operation

Minimal Parts and Maintenance

Equipment that is
"Built to Last"

Think Actiflex!

Setting the Standard for Quality, Safety, Reliability and Durability

ActiFlex system designs evolved from decades of experience, layout, and component modifications, with input and feedback from global manufacturers and suppliers of water-soluble polymers. Our plug free, dual dilution injection system provides “fast and complete” inversion and dilution of a wide range of standard and dewatered Cationic, Anionic, Non-Ionic and Mannich polymers. We offer a wide range of systems, sizes, and configurations to meet the critical demands for Mining, Pulp & Paper, Industrial, and Municipal Applications for use in:

  • Thickeners.Tailing Ponds
  • On machine paper production
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Clarifiers
  • Centrifuges
  • Geo Tubes
  • General liquid solids separation

We have an experienced group of applications and technical support staff to guide and provide you with information to ensure the system you need; is the system you get.

Elements of Safety:

  • Avoid leaks at all cost
  • Low water, low polymer failsafe devices
  • Polymer pump pressure relief assembly
  • Consider welded piping assemblies.
  • Provide drip containment
  • Minimize threaded connections
  • Use pressure gauges with diaphragm seals
  • Proper training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Electrical, mechanical, and fabrication codes followed.
  • Certified welding staff and procedures.

Maintenance Considerations:

  • Welded and flanged piping assemblies.
  • Unimpeded access to components.
  • Swage lock, flanged or Tri-Clamp pipe/tube connections.

Elements of performance

  • Initial high concentration minimum. 0.5%
  • High shear at polymer/water interface
  • Primary and secondary dilution assembly
  • Temperate, adequate, and reliable water supply
  • Avoid direct to process feed of polymer.
  • Aged polymer = $ saving