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If You Are Looking For:

Unparalleled Polymer Wetting

Decades of trouble-free operation

Minimal Parts and Maintenance

Equipment that is
"Built to Last"

Think HydraFlex!

Think Typhoon!

We build high performance dry polymer systems that focus on, safety, robust construction, and minimal maintenance requirements. Our global presence in Mining, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, and Industrial facilities assures you we have the experience and knowledge to deal with extreme polymer applications.

Elements of Safety:

  • Ensure the integrity of load bearing structures
  • Safe access to bag straps
  • Prevent water and polymer leakage
  • Contain all fine particles of dust
  • Provide easy and ergonomic access to components
  • Proper training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Electrical, mechanical, and fabrication codes followed
  • Certified welding staff and procedures

Performance enhancements = reduce costs

  • Substantial aging and polymer mixing (water temperature dependent)
  • Properly sized, tanks, mixers and pumps
  • Extending the contact time with water and polymer (powder added slowly)
  • Using low shear mixers, transfer, and feed pumps
  • Preventing “fisheyes” or clumps of polymer from forming
  • Utilizing this criterion, savings of 30 + % may be achieved

Maintenance Considerations:

  • Critical alarms features
  • Few moving parts
  • Welded and flanged piping assemblies
  • Unimpeded access to components