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Starch Cookers
Build To Last

Severe Service

Think StarJet Starch Cookers!

Starch Cooking & Handling Systems

The StarJet Dry and Wet Feed Cookers offer industrial user many unique features. Designed, manufactured, and assembled by KGO Group, each StarJet Cooker meets the most rigorous quality standards and has found ready acceptance in severe service applications.

Custom Built Slurry Tank

Cooker with Pre-Slurry Tank

Starch Process Feed Pumps


  • Processing rates from 100 to 1000 kg, or 220 to 2200 lbs of starch per hour
  • Automatic operation through the use of a Programmable Controller and critical process monitoring instrumentation
  • The system accepts starch powder; no pre-mixing in a feed tank or liquid-form starch required
  • Stainless steel hopper with access hatch to untie the bulk bag, dust seal and powder shutoff slide gate
  • Positive starch feeding, using the exclusive DuraChem™ Volumetric Feeder with Conditioning Auger and variable speed control
  • Feed hopper with Bindicator level monitoring, pneumatic vibrator and supported on Vibro-Isolator mounts
  • Two-stage pre-wetting of starch powder in Wetting Cone
  • Complete and adequate slurry blending due to two dilution and mixing stages: a high shear disperser with variable speed control for primary dilution, followed by a static mixer after the rapid quench
  • A compact system on a single mounting skid requires minimal floor space.

Control Features

  • An Allen-Bradley Panel-View operator interface is standard.
  • Cooking temperature and mix ratio control loops reside in the customized Allen Bradley PLC program
  • Panel-View screen provides a continuous read-out of essential process variables
  • Flowmeters monitor slurry, cone water and quench water flows
  • The PLC maintains pre-set intermediate and final dilution ratios through precise flow rate monitoring
  • Pilot air-assisted electrical solenoid valves

Optional Features

  • Pre-slurry mix and feed tank
  • Automatic controls tailored to meet unique customer requirements, using customer-specified components and instrumentation
  • Semi-bulk bag unloading station with overhead hoist or forklift bag handling
  • Inclined screw conveyor to charge powder into a feed hopper
  • Will build to customer specifications