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Pumping Sludge & Slurry

Pumping sludge and slurry

A sludge pump must be very resistant to abrasion. Wear at the wetted parts can occur from the solid content in the fluid. Sludge and slurry are often pumped below the pump unit itself. Good priming capabilities are therefore very important for a sludge pump.

Example applications of pumping slurry-like fluids are anaerobic-treated sludge and raw sludge. Each slurry type varies in its solid content and viscosity has their own physical appearance. Anaerobic sludge has a lower temperature then raw sludge. The Verderair double diaphragm pump can handle the majority of sludge types.
Another good application example of a slurry pump is a ceramic clay pump.

Yeast is an essential ingredient for brewing beer. Once the yeast,  hops and other liquids in the tanks is fermented, the yeast recovered from the fermentation is pumped back into the process with sanitary diaphragm pumps. The waste yeast slurry is brought outside the production process with industrial air operated diaphragm pumps. A common use of waste yeast slurry is found in the production of animal feed. The slurry contains highly abrasive material which can be handled by a Verderair double diaphragm pump with ease.

A common occurrence when pumping is the priming of air. An air operated diaphragm pump can handle air within the fluid. A Verderair slurry pump also prevents air from the environment being added to the slurry.


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