wastewater peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump technology replaces submersible pump

Verder Inc., the United States partner of Verderflex peristaltic pumps, were able to use their expertise to overcome persistent problems at a North Carolina water and wastewater treatment plant.

Often overlooked, the reliable peristaltic pump has again proved its worth at Coddle Creek Water Treatment Plant, eliminating the mixed results of a few years previously experienced using a submersible pump dosing Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) from a wet well. After more than three submersible ...

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Water Softening Hose Pump

Peristaltic pump replacement improves Swiss airport’s water treatment system

Verderflex, a manufacturer of peristaltic hose and tube pumps, recently provided a cost-effective solution to a Swiss airport that had been experiencing significant problems with its water softening treatment. The local water supply required treatment to prevent scaling in the pipework.

The Challenge

The existing treatment system required a salt solution to be dosed from a storage tank close to the pumps over a 350-m pipe-run to the water supply. The piping system had a series of valves ...

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Verderflex Lime Slurry Pump

Verderflex Hose Pumps For Transferring Lime Slurry

Verderflex hose pumps have been used transfer lime slurry from below storage tanks to tanker trucks

Slurry has a high specific gravity giving the solids or particles a tendency to settle when it is left for extended periods of time. Air is injected to ensure the lime and other particles remain in suspension prior to pumping. The slurry is very abrasive and the pump must withstand this and have the ability to run dry

The Verderflex VF65 hose pump has ...

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KGO at CIM 2015

Canada Institute of Mining Convention 2015

CIM 2015 | Palais des Congrès | Montreal Quebec | May 10-12, 2015
Trade shows are still an important part of doing business in Canada and North America, contrary to what some say and believe. It’s about the attitude you carry, are you there because you want to be or do you believe in the old adage “you are conspicuous by your absence”? For me it is one of the best forms of marketing available, you get to meet, face ...

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Roto RM Mining Pumps

Roto Mining Pumps

Roto MR/RM are based on classical design retaining its compact and robust construction. These pumps have combined bearing and pump housing and incorporate hollow shaft which accommodates the coupling rod, thereby reducing overall length of the pump. Standard sealing arrangement is in gland packing; however these pumps can also be supplied with mechanical seals.

These pumps are available in both free molded and molded to metal stator designs. The maximum pressure for Free Molded pump is up to 9 Bar and ...

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Verderflex Slurry Pump for Mining

Heavy duty slurry pumps for the mine

Verderflex peristaltic pumps are the first choice for mines around the world, offering unrivalled performance in a tough and uncompromising environment.

Abrasive mining slurries have sub-micron solid contents in excess of 80% with slurry SGs in excess of 2.0. Only hose pumps can pump such dense fluids whilst maintaining high levels of plant availability unlike centrifugal pumps which suffer from continuous downtime and are unable to pump such high SG slurries, lower plant performance

Additionally, reversible hose pumps can be used ...

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Photo by Reuters Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest unveiled the Plan Nord on May 9, 2011.

Plan Nord 2.0 Aims for Coherence

Toronto – Mining Weekly – When the Quebec government’s Plan Nord to develop the parts of the province located north of the 49th parallel was launched under Jean Charest’s Quebec Liberal Party in May 2011, it was heralded as a timely and necessary act in the mining industry’s favourable economic context at the time.

But a succession of political parties forming provincial governments and trying to sway the plan according ...

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Storage tanks containing dangerous chemicals require multiple levels of instrumentation, controllers and software that can monitor the contents of a vessel and provide an alarm in the event of a leak or overfill event.

Leak Monitoring and Control for Chemical Tanks

Recent events in the state of West Virginia have shown that our water supply is in jeopardy of contamination from leaks or overfills of storage and processing tanks (see Fig. 1) at chemical, petroleum, water/wastewater, and similar facilities.

In January 2014, the city of Charleston was affected when a tank containing 4-methylcyclohexane methanol leaked, causing contamination of the Elk River, which provides over 300,000 people with drinking water. Residents were without tap water for at least five days. But it may ...

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Saskatchewan is No. 2 for Mining Investment in the Global Market

And tops in Canada as most attractive jurisdiction. Ontario, BC slipping in rankings.

CALGARY — Saskatchewan is the most attractive jurisdiction for mining investment in Canada, according to an annual global survey of mining executives by the Fraser Institute.

The Canadian policy think-tank’s 2014 survey rates 122 global jurisdictions based on their geologic attractiveness and to what extent government policies encourage exploration and investment.

Saskatchewan ranks as the top jurisdiction in Canada and finishes second worldwide behind Finland.

“In addition to being blessed with ...

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