Retirement of Barry Jones

It’s been over 30 years of owning and operating a business, when all of a sudden for the first time ever I was approached by an employee saying, “Garry I’ve decided to retire” HUH.

In his awkward Aussie accent, and as usual I really didn’t understand a word he just said.. I just stood there as if “what”? I must have looked confused for what seemed as if minutes had passed no words came out of my mouth. When they did ...

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pumping polymer

Pumping polymer with a double diaphragm pump

Many polymers naturally occurring, such as silk, cellulose, natural rubber and proteins. In addition, a large number of polymers have been synthesized in the laboratory, leading to such commercially important products as plastics, synthetic fibres and synthetic rubber. Polymerization, the chemical process of forming polymers from their component monomers, is often a complex process that may be initiated or sustained by heat, pressure, or the presence of one or more catalysts.

There are organic and synthetic polymers. Examples of organic polymers ...

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Crop Irrigation and Wastewater

Use of Wastewater for Crop Irrigation

New research in the United Arab Emirates is examining how treated wastewater can help the country make best use of its limited water resources.

Dr. Farrukh Ahmad and colleagues at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi are investigating the use of wastewater for irrigating edible crops — something that would reduce the need for desalinated water and help the country meet growing demands for water and food, while also reducing its energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“Agriculture accounts ...

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