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Retirement of Barry Jones

It’s been over 30 years of owning and operating a business, when all of a sudden for the first time ever I was approached by an employee saying, “Garry I’ve decided to retire” HUH.

In his awkward Aussie accent, and as usual I really didn’t understand a word he just said.. I just stood there as if “what”? I must have looked confused for what seemed as if minutes had passed no words came out of my mouth. When they did all I could say was “you are the first person to have ever had retired from our business.

You mumble about and think, how unusual, what happens now, what do we do, who takes over for this person. We stood there for a few minutes discussing the time line of his departure and his willingness to ensure that he would stay on until we had the training and details of Dave (the new guy) to take over his position, Barry was a true professional and dedicated employee right ‘til the end.

I uttered this story to a few people that commented “yeah I never really thought of or encountered this before” at least not anyone at KGO. Not really sure why this has been a constant thought of mine for the past few weeks, perhaps it’s my own concern that retirement may be closer than I really want it to be.

Who will rejoice that day, who will truly miss me, how will I miss the things I do and enjoy every day, the people and friendships developed over the years/decades?

What will I do, yard work, golf, get on Kim’s nerves, spend time with my children and their children? I don’t really want to be a burden on anyone, how can I contribute in a meaningful way. These are the things we must think about when nearing retirement.

Barry, seems to have a number of personal tasks he’s looking forward to completing, I hope it’s a long list and goes on for a great number of years, he is an inspiration to all of us at KGO, he has the energy and enthusiasm I hope to have when I call it a day.

Barry, good luck stay in touch, you have a lifelong exemption to any social events sponsored by all of us at KGO, hopefully the faces remain the same and we add new ones as we (travel) down the road.

A few words about Barry,

  • First in last to leave guy.
  • Integrity.
  • “Always” had the companies’ best interest at heart.
  • Took charge of social events.
  • Always pleasant and happy.
  • More bounce in his step than most people half his age.




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