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Gear Pump Systems

  • Application Specific Designs
  • Wide Range of Construction Materials
  • High Quality Ancillary Components
  • Repairs and Service for Most Brands

General Information

Gear pumps are efficient, long-lasting and suitable for high viscosity, high pressure and high-temperature media applications. We offer a range of gear types, sizes and construction materials suitable for severe duty applications.

Ancillary components include:

  • Pressure relief back pressure and check valves
  • Speed control
  • Flow monitoring and control devices

Our commitment – The pump selection and system design will meet process needs and include client-specified equipment and components.

Our pump systems are thoroughly tested and provided with all test data, documentation, Process & Instrument (P&I), General Arrangement, Electrical Drawings, & Instruction Manuals.

We also provide controls, instrumentation, ancillary components and systems, including tanks, mixers & agitators, and bag & cartridge filters, as required.

Applications for our custom pump packages include:

  • Oils & Lubricants
  • Chemical Metering
  • Dust Suppressants
  • Freeze Protection
  • High Viscosity Materials
  • Polymers & Coagulants
  • Gels & Pastes