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Verderflex Hose Pumps For Transferring Lime Slurry

Verderflex Lime Slurry Pump

Verderflex hose pumps have been used transfer lime slurry from below storage tanks to tanker trucks

Slurry has a high specific gravity giving the solids or particles a tendency to settle when it is left for extended periods of time. Air is injected to ensure the lime and other particles remain in suspension prior to pumping. The slurry is very abrasive and the pump must withstand this and have the ability to run dry

The Verderflex VF65 hose pump has a maximum flow rate of 27.2 m3/hr and can comfortably handle the 20 m3/hr required by the client. The lime slurry is isolated from all moving parts of the pump and is contained within the suction hose.

With only one wearing part (the hose) exposed to the abrasive nature of suspended lime, preventing unnecessary down time due to reduced maintenance and mechanical failure.

Source: Verderflex for lime slurry transfer

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