Saskatchewan is No. 2 for Mining Investment in the Global Market

And tops in Canada as most attractive jurisdiction. Ontario, BC slipping in rankings.

CALGARY — Saskatchewan is the most attractive jurisdiction for mining investment in Canada, according to an annual global survey of mining executives by the Fraser Institute.

The Canadian policy think-tank’s 2014 survey rates 122 global jurisdictions based on their geologic attractiveness and to what extent government policies encourage exploration and investment.

Saskatchewan ranks as the top jurisdiction in Canada and finishes second worldwide behind Finland.

“In addition to being blessed with an abundance of mineral potential, Saskatchewan gets credit for having a government with a transparent and productive approach to mining policy,” said Kenneth Green, Fraser Institute senior director of energy and natural resources and director of the Survey of Mining Companies.

“The province offers a competitive taxation regime, good scientific support, efficient permitting procedures and clarity around land claims. That’s what miners look for,” said Kenneth Green, Fraser Institute’s senior director of energy and natural resources, and the director of the Survey of Mining Companies.

Four other provinces finished in the global top 10: Manitoba (4), Quebec (6), Newfoundland and Labrador (8) and Yukon (9).

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Insight by Garry O’Donnell:

“Mining in Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada enjoys worldwide recognition regarding potential and government support.”


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  1. Good news for the mining industry for most of Canada, we hope Ontario can get in on the action that other provinces already enjoy.

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