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KGO Group Ltd. PRO-LUBE+ Hose Pump Lubrication

PRO-LUBE + is an advanced, stable lubricant that meets the toughest standards for peristaltic hose pumps. Manufactured with USP grade, food quality materials, Pro-Lube + is the standard choice for critical pump installations.

PRO-LUBE + is a liquid lubrication agent, used to lubricate the compression tube and rollers on commercial and heavy-duty peristaltic hose pumps. This unique product is designed to increase the life span of expensive compression tubes and rollers through a superior reduction in friction over a wide temperature range.

Peristaltic pumps containing rubber hoses need a high quality lubricant to lubricate compression tubes to prevent premature failure due to friction. In some designs this lubricant is also used to dissipate heat. Pro-Lube + is contained in the pump housing and it never comes in contact with the pumped medium unless there is a hose failure, which will eventually occur. Our formulation is a combination of food quality ingredients designed for food applications.

Pro-Lube + has been proven in the field to be an effective lubrication medium that dramatically improves the performance of the internal components of peristaltic hose pumps and can be utilized in many different pump designs.

Pro-Lube + has been effectively used in pumps made by Verder™, Watson Marlow™, Graco™, Weir™, Flowrox™ and Apex™ pump designs.

As part of the Pro-Lube + series of lubricants we also have specific formulations that incorporate high performance Silicone based lubricants utilized in high heat, high friction industrial pump applications. Please contact your representative for more information on a lubricant that can be tailored to your application.


At KGO Group Ltd, we specialize in the service, installation and ongoing maintenance of pumping equipment and the supply of consumable lubrication compounds.

Our team of dedicated staff would be pleased to be of assistance with any of your equipment and supply needs.

 For further information please visit us at or contact us at (905)-847-1544

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