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Custom Liquid Emulsion Polymer System

Custom Liquid Emulsion Polymer System

KGO is shipping a custom designed, packaged, Liquid Emulsion Polymer System to a local water treatment plant. This unit is our basic model with a low polymer thermal failsafe device, VFD for polymer flow control, back flow preventer, check valves, injection quill, and a TripKO Progressive Cavity pump.

Frame construction is 304 SS, all piping is welded 316 SS, with sanitary connections and tube fittings where required. The emulsion polymer storage consists of a 316 SS mother tote (1.5 times storage capacity) c/w support frame for Transit Tote a 1 hp TripKO Mixer with dual low shear props, an ultra-sonic level sensor and a site gauge with isolation valves.

Polymer feed rate approximately 400 ml/min, with a ratio of up to 1% polymer concentration as supplied, the unit will feed direct to process with polymer feed control via SCADA system.

Our Emulsion Polymer Systems are generally custom built and designed and may be fitted with a variety controls including magnetic, and mass flow meters for precise dosage control, customer specified PLC’s and HMI’s, tank and pump systems. We include detailed operational manuals 3D mechanical drawings electrical schematics and panel layouts, on site and inside technical support around the clock.

Please visit our website – for additional liquid polymer system information or call us at 905-847-1544

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