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Typhoon Hydramix

  • Used to blend a variety of dry materials
  • Especially suited for extreme fine or difficult powders
  • Used to mix, blend, hydrate or disperse.

Details below


The pressurized motive fluid (water) is supplied to the “Typhoon” housing by means of a tangential inlet and forced through a complex matrix in the “Typhoon” insert. The flow of the motive fluid through the matrix creates a negative pressure zone, which increases the surface area and mixing capability of the process materials. The Typhoon devise is mounted on top of the process/mix tank where the dilution water and powders interface and are driven into the vessel, thus significantly reducing the potential of any fine particles from escaping to the environment, providing a safe working area.

Operational Sequence Mix Tank
  1. Operational Sequence Application/Storage Tank
  2. Water inlet valve opens.
  3. (Optional) booster pump starts.
  4. Flow rate confirmed.
  5. Tank water level rises, lower mixer propeller immersed.
  6. Mixer motor starts.
  7. Volumetric feeder starts & feeds polymer.
  8. At 80% tank level the feeder stops
  9. Water continues completes the fill cycle.
  10. The mixer continues until sufficient polymer hydration is achieved.
Operational Sequence Application/Storage Tank
  1. Ratio to Mix tank best at 2:1 or more.
  2. Tank level drops to predetermined volume.
  3. Requires Sufficient capacity receive the entire contents of the mix tank

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