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TripKO Packed Plunger


  • Back Pressure and Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Calibration Columns


Commitment to Quality
Reliability Guarenteed


  • Flow rates up to 48 Liters/hr (13 GPH).
  • Pressures 10 Bar (150 PSI).
  • Robust liquid end assemblies – available in PVDF, 316 SS, PVC, . Additonal options available.
  • Optional high viscosity assembly.
  • Long-life plunger-diaphragm construction.
  • Micrometer stroke adjustment for precise dosing control.
  • Rugged metallic pump housing; heavy duty internal gear assemblies.

Application Versatility

TripKO metering and dosing pumps are the ideal choice for industrial and municipal applications. 

These versatile pumps are designed for a variety of water treatment chemicals, reagents, acids, caustics, polymers, and slurries.

Customized packaged systems include TSSA certified SS piping assemblies, PVC construction, instrumentation and controls.

All pumps come with 3D assembly drawings, detailed operation and maintenance documentation, and spare parts information.