Liquid Emulsion Polymer

ActiFlex Liquid Polymer Systems: Emulsion, Dewatered, & Mannich

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“High Yield Cost Effective”

The development of the ActiFlex Polymer Systems was based on years of design changes and modifications to our processing systems based on feedback and technical discussions with the largest manufacturers and suppliers of polymers in the world.

This feedback gave way to a number of innovations on our polymer systems, such as quick connect sanitary and welded leak free fittings, and rugged Stainless Steel construction. We continually upgrade our controls and use advanced instrumentation and monitoring devices that provide the ability to blend a wide variety of liquid polymers.

ActiFlex polymer systems are all about quality. Designed specifically for industrial use, these robust and easy to maintain systems offer a number of benefits that ensure long life, versatility, reliability and safety, including :

  • Installation and operational ease and improved access for cleaning, and lay-up
  • Enhanced polymer activation using a plug free injection system, with a dual dilution / split flow, configuration. This “high yield, cost effective” 50/50 dilution loop allows twice the percentage of wetting surfactants, in the initial emulsification stage, providing fast and complete inversion of polymers at low concentration ratios
  • Welded piping assemblies, fewer threaded joints enhance “Responsible Care” programs by reducing the potential of system leakage, elevating overall safety and reduced maintenance

ActiFlex Features:

  • Certified PLC and HMI based Control Systems
  • Optional flow protection failsafe systems, based on client requirements
  • Neat polymer Close-Coupled Stainless Steel Progressive Cavity Pump Assemblies
  • Optional pump systems available
  • Dual 316 S.S. polymer injection check valves protect against backflow of process dilution water through the system improving site safety and reduced maintenance
  • Custom system configuration and control packages available
  • Comprehensive, detailed, as built documentation drawings, submittals and test reports
  • Electronic and Hard Copy versions provided with each systems
  • Detailed specification based on client/vendor discussions provided to ensure complete customer satisfaction

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