Theory of operation: The pressurized motive fluid is supplied to the“Typhoon” housing by means of a tangential inlet and forced through a complex matrix in the “Typhoon” insert. The flow of motive fluid through the matrix creates a negative pressure zone,
which increases the surface area and mixing capability of the process materials.

Download Typhoon Datasheet


  • Superior wetting and mixing performance
  • Robust, Stainless Steel construction well suited for harsh and critical environments.
  • The full bore clearances (no restrictions) allow large solids entering the inlet tube to pass freely.
  • No moving parts, low maintenance
  • Typhooninserts are available in Staniless Steel; Hardened Tool Steel or Custom Synthetic Materials.
  • A range of Typhoon heads and inserts are available to cover a wide range of applications and flow rates.

Industries: Mining, Pulp & Paper, Water/Waste Water, Marine, Agriculture, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Personal Care Products.

Applications: Polymers, Clays, Talc, Starch, Guar, Dust Suppressants, Bulk Powder Conveying.

Model #Pressure
kPa (Psi)
Max Flow Rate
Powder Max
Kg/min (lbs/min)
TP-110-1700 (100)100 (26)4 (8.8)
TP-110-2700 (100)150 (40)7.5 (16.5)
TP-115-1700 (100)200 (52)10 (22)
TP-115-2700 (100)450 (120)22.5 (50)
TP-120-1700 (100)500 (132)25 (55)
TP-120-2700 (100)700 (185)35 (77)
TP-130-1700 (100)800 (211)40 (88)
TP-130-2700 (100)1000 (264)50 (110)

Powder flow rates are based on standard, single head units and bulk density.
Custom flow rates and high vacuum application quoted upon request.