Storage tanks containing dangerous chemicals require multiple levels of instrumentation, controllers and software that can monitor the contents of a vessel and provide an alarm in the event of a leak or overfill event.

Leak Monitoring and Control for Chemical Tanks

Recent events in the state of West Virginia have shown that our water supply is in jeopardy of contamination from leaks or overfills of storage and processing tanks (see Fig. 1) at chemical, petroleum, water/wastewater, and similar facilities.

In January 2014, the city of Charleston was affected when a tank containing 4-methylcyclohexane methanol leaked, causing contamination of the Elk River, which provides over 300,000 people with drinking water. Residents were without tap water for at least five days. But it may ...

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Saskatchewan is No. 2 for Mining Investment in the Global Market

And tops in Canada as most attractive jurisdiction. Ontario, BC slipping in rankings.

CALGARY — Saskatchewan is the most attractive jurisdiction for mining investment in Canada, according to an annual global survey of mining executives by the Fraser Institute.

The Canadian policy think-tank’s 2014 survey rates 122 global jurisdictions based on their geologic attractiveness and to what extent government policies encourage exploration and investment.

Saskatchewan ranks as the top jurisdiction in Canada and finishes second worldwide behind Finland.

“In addition to being blessed with ...

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Custom Packaged Water Treatment System

Self-contained Custom Packaged Water Treatment System

KGO Group Ltd., provides a unique self-contained Custom Packaged Water Treatment System for SNF Canada.

This 53’ vessel was built for a remote Mining location in Northern Quebec; it is being used to treat a waste pond, feeding dry polymer and a basic coagulant for a flow rate of 20,000 l/m (5000 gpm). KGO Group was contracted by SNF Canada to design and build the complete structure.

The unit was built to withstand extreme weather conditions, we insulated for – 40 ...

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Shipping Lage Mining Project

Shipping Large Mining Project

This is the first of 3 full loads shipping to a large mining project in the North West Territories via the Ice Road System, our staff did an excellent job building multiple dry polymer systems for this project. The crating was also handled by our staff, covering every details laid out in the engineering specification.. Thanks to all staff, job well done!

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Packaging Mining Equipment

Packaging Your Equipment

This is typical of the packaging our staff did to ensure the safe arrival of the equipment to the NWT, SNF Canada has supplied multiple system for mining projects worldwide, we ensure systems are built to detailed specifications, including tagging, special wrapping of fragile components and instrumentation so equipment arrives safely, for more information drop me a line.

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