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Diaphragm Metering

DOSEURO & EMEC Metering Pump Systems

KGO Group Ltd. provides specialty DOSEURO & EMEC Liquid Metering Pump systems, built to client specifications, including mechanical design, process controls, construction, start up and service. Each system is fabricated to our high standards, and backed by our technical support team.

DOSEURO & EMEC Metering Pumps offer a full range of capacities and pressures and are available in Electronic Solenoid, Mechanical Diaphragm, Hydraulic Diaphragm, & Packed Plunger – Simplex, Duplex and Multihead designs

As a single source supplier our packaged modular systems are available in a variety of configurations, with a complete selection of auxiliary components, instrumentation, tanks, agitators, and are available in a full range of construction materials.

Certifications – API675, CSA, TSSA, RTP1.

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