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Model 30 Liquid Polymer Systems

Model 30 – “High Volume” Liquid Polymer Systems

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The Model 30 is designed for high volume polymer in critical applications. The unit is supplied with a TripKO SS/Viton construction Progressive cavity pump, to ensure an accurate, reliable, non-pulsating, low shear, supply of polymer to our SS quick connect Blending System. All Model 30’s are supplied with a dual dilu-tion piping arrangement to ensure the highest level of polymer activation. “Safety First” All systems are supplied with low water flow and polymer fail safe devices, industrial grade components, controls and drip containment for all units.

Model 30 Advantages:

  • Excellent Polymer Activation
  • Accurate, Repeatable, Polymer Dosing
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Lasting Reliable Robust Construction
  • Standard SS Welded Piping & Quick Connect Fittings

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