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HydraFlex HC Series

High Capacity Dry Polymer Systems


HydraFlex HC 200

In our High Capacity System we have prioritized operator safety, starting with access to safely untie bulk bags providing certified bag support structures, locking “L” shaped bag hooks that reduce the stress on improper placement of holding straps. A solid platform on top of the access hatch fully supports the weight of a 1000 kg bulk bag of product for enhanced operator safety. Custom monitoring and alarm functions also add to the overall system operation implemented to prevent overflows, leaks and spills.

Consistent and accurate feeding is critical for industrial and municipal large volume polymer applications. Our designs include a single feed and conditioning screw in all our HC Series Systems volumetric feeders. Hoppers also include a safety screen, a vibrator pad (vibrator optional) hermetically sealed knife gate isolation valve, dust collection hookups and an access hatch with viewing window with a heavy duty locking mechanism.

Model HC 200

[table id=55 /]Tank Sizing w/Standard Transfer Pump
[table id=56 /]

Model HC 100

[table id=58 /]Tank Sizing w/Standard Transfer Pump
[table id=59 /]

HC 200 & 100 Specifications & Options

Standard Components:

  • Structural 304 SS Construction
  • Piping 316 SS Welded & Flanged Construction
  • SS Hopper Assembly w/Level Sensor
  • Double latch access door w/viewing glass
  • Removable Safety Screen
  • TripKO Volumetric Feeder w/conditioner Feeder w/VFD speed control
  • Knife Gate hopper isolation Valve
  • Multi-Stage Booster Pump
  • SS HydraFlex vacuum wetting system w/overflow protection
  • Magnetic Flow Meter – Source Water
  • All required check valves 316 SS
  • Electrical Certification UL/CSA

Optional Components:

  • Piping 316 SS B31.3 Construction
  • Electric Hoist & Trolley
  • Bulk Bag Conditioning
  • Client specified instruments & components
  • Loss of Weight feed systems
  • Optional Tank Construction & Configuration
  • Electrical Certification /CE

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