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Mineral & Chemical Dispersing & Wetting Systems

KGO Group offers a complete line of Equipment & Systems for Dissolving, Dispersing, & Wetting Solid Grade Materials to produce slurries & solutions. Applications include Talc, Lime, Bentonite Clay, Activated Carbon, Starch, Whey and a number of dry & solid powders, minerals, and beaded products.

Our unique processes include direct to process, transitional and specialty wetting cones & eductor combinations. Systems may include high shear dispersing, blending and gentle mixing devices based on reaction time and the energy required to produce the desired results for each application.

Standard Method of Operation

In many cases a single tank system with a transitional wetting cone and spray nozzle will provide ample contact and dissolving of dry material.

Our Single and Cascading Tri Cell systems work on the following methodology.

Product is supplied to a transitional hopper via manual filling of 25 kg bags, bulk bag or storage silos that may include an agitation device to maintain a free and constant flow & supply.
Material is fed to a volumetric screw feeder and accurately fed to a transitional wash down cone located at the end of the feeder spout. The material falls gravimetrically to a spray nozzle inside the tank to maintain dust free wetting of the material. The high shear mixers in the tank(s) provide the energy to keep the material in a slurry form and prevent the agglomeration of undesired lumps and particles.

In the Single cell unit the material is wetted and mixed as it gravitates toward the bottom of the tank, a process feed pump at the bottom of the tank feeds product to a process as required.
Typically centrifugals pumps with a recirculation loop, Progressive Cavity or Hose pumps are used in this application.

In the Tri-Cell system the wetted material flows through a series of baffled cells in a single tank configuration, this extends the contact time with the product to ensure a well dispersed product prior to process.
In all cases these systems are supplied as basic wetting systems and have the potential of being equipped with a number of devices to ensure accurate solids and flow control. There are a number of options available.

Single Cell Systems – capable of up to 5 bulk bags per day.
Tri Cell Systems – in excess of 30 bulk bags per day
Typically Systems produce solutions or slurries between 5 – 15% and as high as 40%

Standard Features


  • SS Hopper & Volumetric Screw Feeder
  • Knife Gate Isolation Valve
  • SS Wetted parts
  • Heavy Duty Dispersers and Mixers
  • All required Flow and Level Instrumentation
  • Wet Scrubbing System



  • Solids control and Auto Balancing (Tri-Cell System)
  • All welded Tank and piping Systems
  • Allen Bradley PLC and HMI
  • All Systems completely wired and tested
  • Each system supplied with all required documentation, manuals and drawings