Roto Mining Pumps

Roto RM Mining Pumps

Roto MR/RM are based on classical design retaining its compact and robust construction. These pumps have combined bearing and pump housing and incorporate hollow shaft which accommodates the coupling rod, thereby reducing overall length of the pump. Standard sealing arrangement is in gland packing; however these pumps can also be supplied with mechanical seals.

These pumps are available in both free molded and molded to metal stator designs. The maximum pressure for Free Molded pump is up to 9 Bar and for molded to metal up to 12 Bar.

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  1. What we have experienced with Roto pumps is the quality and durability of the Cardan universal joint
    The Cardan type universal joint used in Roto pumps is acknowledged and experienced by our staff to be far superior to the conventional gear, or single pin & bush joint systems which are subjected to extreme concentrated loads, resulting in high wear rates. The Cardan joint employs two sets of perpendicular pins, each providing freedom of angular movement, which facilitates smoother transmission of angular loads. The Cardan joint is also designed to withstand high axial forces which are dominant in Progressive Cavity Pumps. All this adds up to lower maintenance costs and improved pumping efficiency.
    KGO Group has successfully installed a number of Roto pumps in extreme industrial applications with excellent performance results and a significant reduction in parts supply compared to lesser quality single pin and gear joint system.

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