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KGO service to the Pulp & Paper sector based on:

Reliability & Experience, for over 25 years KGO has been supplying chemical feed systems to the Pulp & Paper industry. Some of these chemical feed systems were critical to “on machine” operation. These systems have been installed in key North American Paper Mills.

Types of Chemical Feed Systems Supplied includes: liquid polymers, starch cooking, talc blending, bentonite clay mixing, dispersing chemical feed, dyes and coatings metering, as well as control and monitoring systems.

Boiler & Cooling water treatment and monitoring, KGO’s experience include chemical dosing systems integrated with water quality monitoring to ensure boiler feed water and cooling water quality is maintained.

Specialty Papers Manufacturers in North America have maintained a competitive global edge through flexibility and adaptability in operations and quick change out while incurring minimal waste. KGO addresses the needs of this niche segment through its customized dosing and pump systems.

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