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Plas-Tanks Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks & Vessels

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks | FRP Tanks & Vessels

Don’t Settle for Metal! CLICK HERE to learn about the benefits of FRP versus metal.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Shop Tank Design & Fabrication thru 15′-6” Diameter
  • Shop Built & Field Assembled Tanks up to 35′ Diameter
  • Custom Design Field Erected – Unlimited

Features & Benefits of Plas-Tanks vs Most Competition

  • FRP TankIntegral bottom / monolithicdesign
  • Intersperse chop with filament winding
  • Plasa-Therm® efficient heat retention system
  • Longer warranty than industry standard
  • ISO-9001 Certification
  • Most recent industry specifications: ASTM 4097-01, 3299-00, RTP-1b-2002, & ASME Section X 2002
  • Personable, team-oriented engineering, sales & operations group
  • Superior life cycle versus steel

Seismic Design Capabilities
Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. designs your vessel for the seismic region in which the vessel will be located. You can be sure that your vessel meets your safety concerns.

Filament-Winding Capabilities
The winders we use were designed and fabricated by Plas-Tanks personnel and are not commercially available to competing companies. We use our technical and desgin expertise to filament wind. The filament winding process provides directed fiber placement, which results in a higher strength product at a reduced cost per part – something we always strive to achieve through our manufacturing talent.

Corrosion Experts
Plas-Tanks applies a wax coat to all internal secondary lay-ups such as the interiorlaminant of a particular nozzle. Failure to apply such a wax coat leaves the laminant susceptible to corrosion.

Plas-Tank FRP TankHand Lay-up Nozzle Fabrication
Plas-Tanks fabricates its own nozzles, utilizing the hand lay-up method. All nozzles are fabricated with the nozzle flange and pipe stem being integral. In contrast, compression molded flanges have less uniformity of glass content through the laminate. More importantly, the cemented area has greatly reduced physical properties compared to the same area of hand lay-up nozzles. This reduction in strength can become obvious very quickly if the user installs an incorrect durometer gasket or over-torques the threaded fasteners.

Plas-Tanks FRP Tank Sizing Table

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