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SR Type SD

SR Type SD
Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm


Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm pumps are suitable in case that:

– The dosed liquid contains small amounts of suspended solids
– The dosed liquid is a toxic solution
– No leakage is accepted

A built-in safety valve is installed in the hydraulic circuit, in order to protect the diaphragm against over pressure.

The peculiarity of this pump is the special sandwich diaphragm and the reliability of the diaphragm rupture detection system.

The motor power range is from 0.18 Kw up to 0.75 Kw with single and three phase voltages available.

There are many available options including different voltages, insulation classes and special explosion proof versions.

The reduction gearbox is a standard endless screw plus worm-wheel type, supported by bearings, fully lubricated in an oil-bath.
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