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Side-Entry Mixers

V-Series Side Entry Mixers

V-Series Side Entry MixersSharpe side-entering V-SERIES agitators have proven to be the best choice for hundreds of applications, from large pulp and paper jobs to asphalt and petroleum processes. The simplicity of Sharpe’s V-Belt mixers provides distinct advantages over other mixer designs in installation, operation and maintenance. Where downtime is a problem, no other mixer is as dependable, or as easily repaired. Most all of the wearing parts are available from your preferred bearing supply house, within 24 hours. No special proprietary gearing, shims, bearings or adapters are required. There are many other v-belt mixers on the market today, but none measure up to Sharpe’s V- SERIES when the following advantages are considered :

HYFLO IMPELLERS – Energy efficient HYFLO 218 impellers are furnished standard, with other distinct designs from Sharpe’s Hyflo family of impellers available as an option. This exclusive family of ‘hydrofoil blade” Hyflo impellers was developed through extensive testing and consultation with aerospace engineers to maximize pumping efficiency. Each impeller is designed specifically for the application by calculating the fluid velocity over the turbine blades to determine the blade curvature that will be the most efficient. The result is more flow for less power. Unlike cast impeller blades that may break or cause balance problems, Hyflo impellers are fabricated from plate steel, fixture welded and pitched for vibration- free operation. On larger impellers, the blades are welded to Sharpe’s unique SPLIT IMPELLER HUB, allowing easy installation without running the risk of a removable blade being installed improperly or slipping out of pitch. The split hub also guarantees easy disassembly from the shaft in the future years, when so many other one-piece hubs may be stuck in place and would have to be removed with a cuffing torch.

BEARINGS – Premium Dodge type “E”, piloted dual tapered-roller bearings provide higher radial and thrust carrying capacities for longer trouble-free life. These quality bearings are stocked nationwide and come complete with their own piloted housings and integral lip seals. The bearings simply bolt in place on the mixer (unlike many competitors’ designs that require specially trained personnel to adjust the preload on the bearings’ taper-lock bushings). The same size bearing is used front and rear to reduce spare parts requirements.

BELT DRIVES – The Sharpe V-Belt drive is designed for easy maintenance and long life, with a minimum 1.5 service factor on all models. Standard 3V, 5V or 8V sheaves are used complete with premium “QD” style bushings for a more dependable drive that is easier to maintain.

SHAFTS – Oversized shafting is used on all Sharpe mixers, precision machined for vibration-free operation. Wear sleeves, Chrome, aluminum oxide or chrome- nickel-boron flamespray hardening at the seal is optional to extend the life of the shaft on mixers with stuffing glands, where abrasive products may accelerate wear (not necessary with mechanical seals).

HOUSINGS – The Sharpe V-SERIES housings are designed to be the strongest available, fabricated from steel and oversize for easy maintenance and durability (Look at the competition, and you will find brittle castings and limited space for maintenance). The housing is precision line bored for perfect alignment and quality. We learned from experience that hinged motor mounts tend to work loose and rattle over time, so Sharpe’s motor mount is designed for simple adjustment using four oversize studs to tighten the belts.

GUARDS – The Sharpe V-Belt guards are built with ample clearance and ventilation for belt cooling, and to allow changes in ratio if required. All Sharpe guards are fabricated from steel for durability. Plastic guards may be cheaper to build, but ultraviolet rays and temperature extremes degrade plastics allowing them to break over time.

SEALS – Sharpe Mixers offers seals to meet every requirement. The traditional packed gland is available in many configurations and can be supplied with flushing fittings or force fed lubricators. Mechanical seals in single, double and split designs are also available for positive leak-free operation, including the seal preferred at your plant.

MAINTENANCE – The primary goal when developing the Sharpe V-SERIES mixer line was to make them easy to maintain. All access areas are large and open for servicing. The grease fittings for the bearings and lube ports for the seals are reached from one obvious location. All seal parts, shaft bearings and belt drive components on the mixer are replaceable without removing the mixer or draining the tank. Shaft retraction (to shut off tank leakage) is the simplest in the industry, by loosening one bearing and tightening two jacking screws, all located in plain sight and easily accessible. Tank shut-off for repacking the stuffing gland can be done without disturbing the belt drive. To service mixer bearings, a collar is supplied to hold the shaft in position during bearing removal. Assembly points include jacking screws to make disassembly an easy task even after years of demanding service.




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