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Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment

KGO has been providing cost effective chemical dosing and pump transfer systems for Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants for over 20 years. These systems include:

CEPT, Chlorination, Nutrient Addition, Phosphate Reduction, Dechlorination dosing/metering systems. Metering pump selection from KGO’s lines of pumps include: diaphragm (solenoid & motor driven), peristaltic (hose & tube), gear and progressive cavity. KGO has supplied chlorination systems for potable water treatment at pumping stations.

RAS, Sludge & Slurry Transfer pumps that KGO has supplied includes progressive cavity and rotary lobe. Fall of 2015 KGO will be representing a line of Screw Centrifuge pumps.

Chemical Storage & Brine Making Systems, KGO is the Canadian representative for Plas-Tanks whose products include Scrubbers and Bryneer a Brine Generating System. Chemical storage applications include: ferric chloride, ferric sulphate, alum sulphate, caustic (NaOH, Mg(OH)2), neat liquid polymer, and dry polymer.

Coagulant and Flocculent Polymer Dosing Systems, KGO is a leading manufacturer of these systems which can include process equipment and controls for wetting of neat liquid and dry polymers. References include polymer dosing systems for wastewater treatment of source separated organics (SSO) treatment facilities and sludge dewatering systems (rotary drum dryers, decanter centrifuges). Coagulating and flocculating polymers can be ionic, cationic, and non-ionic.

Water Quality Analysis Instrumentation and Controls, this includes probes/sensors for monitoring of pH, Redox/ORP, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Fluoride, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, Turbidity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, and Temperature.

Specialty Systems for wastewater treatment include for Liquid and Dry Polymer, custom built Electronic and Motor Driven Metering, Progressive Cavity, Hose/Peristaltic, Rotary Lobe and Gear Pump Systems, Bulk Material Handling of Lime, Diatomaceous Earth, Fluoride, Activated Carbon, and Bentonite Clay.

Bag Filters and Strainers, KGO supplies a range of bag filter housings and bag filters.

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