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Personal Health Care Production

Can benefit from KGO Group Systems and Process Equipment as follows:

Controlled dosing/dispensing of liquids can be achieved by hose, rotary lobe, progressive cavity, and diaphragm pumps that KGO represents. Pump size & type recommended by KGO to handle physical properties of fluid (i.e. viscosity, abrasiveness, shear sensitivity). Pumps provided with FDA CFR 21 certification.

Blending & Mixing Systems incorporate Static and/or Dynamic Mixers to ensure mixtures are homogenous. Mixing systems provided include batch, semi-batch and continuous. Knowledge of fluid mechanics allows for ensuring static mixer sized correctly for process stream operating conditions. Electric motors provided for dynamic mixers sized to exceed power demands of liquid mixture to avoid overloading of motor particularly at initiating of mixing

Storage of liquids and powders includes metal and non-metal tanks in vertical and horizontal configuration. KGO has supplied tanks in Canada for over 25 years.

Automation & Controls, KGO provides modular systems that are custom to service client needs for validation and process control.

Wastewater Treatment, systems designed to address chemicals that impact of FOG, TSS, VOCs, TOC and metals.   Let KGO perform a no cost review of wastewater to suggest operations to minimize surcharge costs.

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