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Food & Beverage Processors

Addressing the needs of the Food & Beverage Processors, KGO’s systems and process equipment provide for clean-in-place, operator safety, ease of operation, durability in addition to KGO’s reliable system/product support.

Accurate Ingredient & Product Transfer/Dispensing achieved by diaphragm, rotary lobe, progressive cavity & hose pumps represented by KGO. Pumps provided with FDA CFR 21 certification.

Pump Skids, custom pump skids manufactured by KGO designed to fit the required foot print and service needs such as; CIP chemicals, oils, and slurries.

Solids Handling, KGO also provides volumetric feeders for controlled dispensing of solids.

Storage of ingredients options that KGO provides includes metal and non-metal tanks in vertical and horizontal configuration.

Automation, KGO’s custom systems suit a particular food processors operation needs. System and equipment controls can be push button to PLC with a focus to operator safety.

Sewer surcharges due to BOD, FOG, and TSS impacts operating costs. Let KGO do a no cost review of plant wastewater discharge and suggest treatment approaches to minimize this cost.

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