DOSEURO Metering Pumps “The Little Pump That Could”

DOSEURO Metering Pumps “The Little Pump That Could” this Packed Plunger Pump is feeding a moderately viscous material (2000 cps) outdoors at a mine site in rural Turkey. The pump, installed with over-sized suction hose is feeding at full capacity with a moderate head pressure of 12 ft. – Initially installed with a ½” suction hose the unit fell short of the desired flow rate, the client then installed a 1” hose and saw the increased flow immediately.

Always ensure that your metering pump applications have positive suction, with appropriate back pressure, to maintain consistent and repeatable accuracy. There are applications that may require spring loaded ball checks but most are well served with proper sized suction hose and back pressure.

DOSEURO metering pumps offer exceptional value, they are robust, compact, and well suited for mining and other heavy duty industrial applications. For technical and pricing information please contact KGO Group Ltd. At 905-847-1544 or visit our website Thank you.

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