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The Liquid Polymer Hero

  • Super Duper Safe
  • Easy Maintenance even a 10yr old could do!
  • Top notch qulaity (Built like a Bentely)
  • Better performance than the Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Our Promise

    Built to Last Quality Materials Support for every step!

    Water/Waste Water
    Pulp and Paper


    Inlet Water Flow 600 LPM – 150 GPM
    Inlet Water Pressure (required) 80 PSI Minimum
    Power Requirement R575 - 460 VAC
    Polymer Consumption 1050 Kg/day @ .5% Concentration
    w / Alternating Tank Configuration * AT 1500 kg/d Yield
    PLC Standard Allen Bradley MicroLogix
    HMI Standard Allen Bradley PanelView Plus

    Tank Sizing w/Standard Transfer Pump

    Polymer Usage/Day Suggested Mix Tank Size (Working Volume) STD. Transfer Rate
    KG's Liters L/Min
    325 5m3 600
    550 10m3 600
    750 15m3 600
    900 20m3 600
    1000 25m3 600
    1050 30m3 600

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